Crown 50/50 Hydraulic Doors

The patent-pending, hydraulically-operated 50/50 Door and Window System combines the best features from our SST-II Bi-Fold and Single-Swing Systems. The 50/50 provides an incredibly clean opening, requires minimal space in the open position and requires no maintenance, making it perfectly suited for architectural, commercial and residential designs. Solo Operation With its ease of use operation, one office personnel can operate the opening and closing of the Crown 50/50 unit making [...]

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Skyfold University Training Center

Training centers thrive in adaptable spaces that best support the desired learning environment. How does a facility create sound controlled convertible spaces while conserving the most floor space? For a local university training center, the answer was Skyfold Vertical Powerlift Partitions. Skyfold partitions provide several key advantages for the training center.

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Smoke Control Case Study

Often, the most difficult component to provide is Smoke Control. The smoke control system must be engineered specifically for each project and can vary greatly depending on the layout of an atrium and the fire hazards contained therein. The goal of the smoke control system is to maintain a tenable environment for building occupants. This typically includes maintaining the smoke layer 6’ above the highest occupied floor for 20 minutes.

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