Pacific – 12 Conference University Training Center

Case Study 101


Training centers thrive in adaptable spaces that best support the desired learning environment. How does a facility create sound controlled convertible spaces while conserving the most floor space? For a local university training center, the answer was Skyfold Vertical Powerlift Partitions. Skyfold partitions provide several key advantages for the training center. Being able to easily turn one 2,085 sq ft. space into three multi-operating rooms in which training can occur simultaneously without interruptions was a must.

Ease of Use

Due to tight turnaround times and limited staffing, it was important for staff at the training center to be able to smoothly operate on its own schedule.


With Skyfold, “It is nice to configure the rooms how we would like them without having to acquire additional help,” says the Training Manager of the facility. Using an automated electrical system, Skyfold can be deployed or retracted with a simple push of a button.

The Training Manager also states,“The flexibility and ability to adapt the space to what we need has been the most impactful and beneficial result of Skyfold. The rooms can be completely turned around in ten minutes, and that is a necessity for us.”

At the facility, the walls can both deploy and retreat in less than 5 minutes. One side of each partition has a white board finish, supplying an added bonus and proves to be especially useful for teaching. Skyfold also offers a multitude of custom finish possibilities. From fabrics to metallic surfaces to wood veneers and to painted artwork and murals, Skyfold gives a customized and unique design addition to any space.


Space Saver

In contrast to traditional operable partitions, Skyfold is stored in the ceiling. Having the partitions stored in the ceiling saved the training center 60 sq ft of floor space, due to the elimination of partition storage closets. The training rooms were unable to be enlarged because of the existing exterior high tech design enabled the partitions to compliment the space and contribute further depth and intrigue.

Another advantage to Skyfold is that it requires no floor or wall tracks. Skyfold has fixed top and bottom seals, a pneumatic sensing edge, and motorized end seals that deploy after the wall is down and retract before it is lifted, all ensuring optimum acoustic control and an unbroken aesthetic.


concrete wall on the south side of the building, and the warehouse space being used in the north side of the building. With the limited amount of working space, Skyfold provided the best solution for the facility’s particular needs.


Outstanding Acoustic Control

The facility houses a multitude of training sessions and classes. Some of these include, safety and regulatory training, skill development for trades people, lean workshops, vendor demonstrations, and interpersonal skills classes. In order for several classes to be in session at once in such close proximity, a large concern for the facility was having strong sound control. This was a major component in the design process. Trainers and participants needed to be able to teach and learn without interruptions from the room next door.

Skyfold holds the industry high standard in acoustics for electric wall partitions of up to 60 Sound Transmission Class (STC). The Skyfold Classic 51 model used by the facility operates with the acoustical rating of 51 STC. This allows for an optimum learning environment free of disruptions from adjacent classrooms.


Added Design Elementuw_skyfold_it_1

The training center opened in May of 2013. The building was a loading dock and warehouse prior to being remodeled. After the renovations, the contemporary and cutting edge training facility desired operable partitions that best suited the environment. Skyfold’s elegant and Interior Technology specializes in consultative services to building owners, architects, and general contractors in the areas of fire/life safety, daylighting, acoustics, space division, and security doors & grilles. Our team provides professional design assistance, installation and service on all products and solutions offered.