There are several new fire and smoke rated products in the market right now, many of them are imported from overseas. Interior-Tech can help you evaluate these products. Some claim to be “UL Listed” but do not give specifics, which usually means they are leaving out important information in an effort to get you to specify it.

For example: The UL10B standard that most fire doors are tested to, is a burn test and an integrity test. After the specimen is burned for the allotted time (1hr, 2hrs, 3hrs, etc) it is then subjected to a hose stream integrity test. The hose stream test is a prescribed post-burn test (prescribed pressure, size of hose, distance, time).

In order to get the 10B rating, it must pass both the burn test and the hose stream.

Read manufacturers literature carefully and call us for assistance. Many lab tests are readily available online for review.